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Goal Setting: A Good Working Theory In Order To Succeed

Setting a goal is the most ideal thing to do to get what you aim to achieve in the future. It is applicable in the corporate world and even in your personal walk in this life. It is the act of perfectly putting in place what you need to follow in order to achieve your objective. Goal setting includes the marking of a specific target which can be measured and accomplished within a set period of time. It is workable and often used as an instrument to encourage employees or group of workers to accomplish a common goal. As individuals, we also resort to it as a guide to focus our attention in order to win a battle of our own and achieve our dreams. Jotting it in your minds is not enough; you have to write it down with your hands. Remember to write it, and don’t just say it!

History of This Theory

Actually, the idea of setting goals was first given cognizance in 1935 by Cecile Alec Mace. However, it was in the middle of 1960 and thirty years thereafter, when Edwin A. Locke made further observations and developed this thinking. He published his first article about this general principle in 1968 entitled “Toward a Theory of Task Motivation and Incentives”. This started the right direction on how we can benefit and identify the advantages of knowing our objectives and how we can accomplish things using this principle.

Since then, it was refined and continuously modified by current observations and findings. It has been viewed as an “open” theory. As supported by several studies, the more you put on specific targeted and higher goals, the response is turning to be more encouraging than when there’ s no identified objectives. The smart goals you have, the better performances you will achieve. The aims are in unison if properly coordinated and there are no contrasting results.

Need For Goal Setting Theory

Goals are good sources of motivation. They set in motion the guideline for accomplishment that will give you complacency. Most successful undertakings are gauged by how you survived the test given to yourself. When you accomplished a job that poised a good amount of challenges, you feel a sense of self fulfillment. That’s our natural behavior. We commonly believe that we have the faculties to set our goals and that our brains can generate the motivation to achieve them.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

In setting our goals, we train our minds on the approaches that can develop our dedication to accomplish our personal objectives. When we have goals, whether it’s short or long term, it encourages us to work harder in order to achieve it. We become more focused to accomplish our personal goals. This attitude helps us to conquer discouragements with ease.

Goal setting theory as popularized by Locke affects our performances through the following ways.

•    It focuses our attention. If we have goals to achieve, our concentration is directed to that objective. We dislike any obstruction that comes our way to prevent us to get it.

•    It increases our persistence. We are not only focused to the subject goal we want to achieve. Our persistence is likewise significantly rises if not doubled.

•    It reinforces our efforts in relation to the requirements of the work on hand. We tend not to feel exhausted for the day’s work because of our feelings of excitement.

•    It makes us creative to develop techniques on how to reach our goals. Our minds continue to think out of the box approaches than amaze no end.

Need For Goal Setting Templates

Goals are our road maps to reach our destinations. They provide the right direction to achieve our aspirations. They are our motivation to sustain us on our trips. Goals are the barometers of our progress. We need goal setting templates to make our journey simpler and hassle free.

You need your individual experiences and wise judgments in creating your goals. Here is a suggested pattern on how to write your goal setting.

•    A Perfect Introduction – the central theme of your introduction should offer a wide variety of goals consisting of both small and big ideas. Discuss in your introduction the objectives you wish to achieve in setting up your goals. You must explain the benefits that you can have from each goal that you are trying to share.

•    A List of Goals - write down a list of goals and make suggestions how to get it accomplished based on your understanding of the situation and skills. Every goal becomes effective only when there are hands-on planning and actual participation in it. Remember to show to your readers that you have the experience and knowledge about the topical goal under discussion.

•    Body Contents - every goal listed on the article should have a plan complete with scheduled date on it with the corresponding milestones. Include your recommendation on how to conduct your evaluation of each goal. Include an explanation on how to gauge the achievements of the goal.

•    The Conclusion – for each goal that you have presented, make a conclusion of your goal.

The above goal setting template is how to present the written goals that you have planned for your future. They may be about your business, your profession or even your personal finances. However, each goal that you will have to develop must pass a certain process in order to arrive at a more specific aim that can be measured and achieved. It is not only realistic but it can also be plotted on a time frame to accomplish it.

Keep the Embers with Goal Setting Articles

Another tool that is being used by goal setters (and which is often advised to beginners) is the referral to goal setting articles. There are several articles that were written about goal setting which are very inspiring and highly motivational. As everybody can set goals, the difficult part is how to sustain our persistence to continue our plan of action to achieve our goals. Most often, we fail because of the lack of motivation when we are already halfway on our way to reach our goals. We fall on the wayside and starts to procrastinate until we completely stop pursuing our written dreams. You can have a regular shot of inspiration by reading timely goal setting articles. You may join an online community club whose main agenda is about motivation and goal setting. Their blogs can keep that glow in your eyes and keep focused on your target.

Remain On Course with Goal Setting Quotes

Many successful individuals who were able to transform their dreams into realities have resorted to several goal setting exercises as part of their strategy. Others have used the success stories of prominent personalities as their patterns in drawing up their own action plans to reach their goals. They used goal setting quotes to always remind them on how to achieve their own. Like water to a thirsty man walking a mile, these statements are precious liquid that will keep him alive to reach his point on time. Mark Victor said it all “By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands-your own.”

We must learn how to use goal setting in every aspect of our lives. It is one of the surest ways to reach our personal wishes. We can rise above our weaknesses and wiggle our way out of frustrations. Using the smart goals setting techniques can propel us to greater heights in every endeavor we aim to strive. Do it and you can have it!